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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Collection's Fall 2011!

Now I have used almost all sunday afternoon and night stalking Fall 11 collections! And here are my favorites... 
First 3.1 Phillip Lim, who has made a very very strong and beautiful collection with mixed fabrics and eyecatchy blue colors! I personally wouldn't mind having the long coat hanging in my wardrobe! 

No surprice that Acne have jumped on the mixing train, and also made alot of interesting fabric mixes, which I think is going to be the big thing this year! I love the mixed leather/shiny look trousers down left! But when that is said, then I don't think that there is much more to say yay! for...(except from the shoes!)

Balenciaga has manage to make an extremely detailed and well styled collection as well as the show. I am a huge fan of Balenciaga and this is probably my favorite collection, mostly because of the look up right and also because of the endless number of beautiful items!

Now look at that! Balmain is something that I will always admire and never get enough money to buy! BUT Balmain has made a classic Balmain collection that is full of edgyness and sophistication which appears on the photo up left and maybe you already know? The model up left is actually danish Freja Beha who is an amazing model that for me is the new Agyness Deyn! And also something I will point out, is the funny and very original(this year) side-cut on the blouse up right! Great detail!

Burberry Prorsum is honestly not what I expected but not necessarily bad just more "safe" than I thought! I think that the jackets, especially the one up left, is marvelous! But that's all! Although I like single pieces from some of the looks!

Chanel chanel chanel! Do I have to say more? Fantastic, extraordinary, beautiful I could continue all night long with the compliments, but this collection contains everything that I expected and I hope to see much more in all stores and everywhere I go! Karl Lagerfeld you did it again you brilliant crazy man! Maybe I am to hung up that it's Chanel but I really loooove the classic, mixed with the relaxed make-up and the look down right is just amazing! It brings me back to cold but comfy days in thermo jacket's and trousers when I was a horse rider - of course this is more classy huuh! And Again Freja Beha is a star AND she was the opening model!

Louis Vuitton does not only manage to be a fashion eyeopener but also what a show, what a catwalk!
Focus was definitely on classy meets soldier I think, or that's what I would say... The riding inspired pant's is my favorite and they go perfectly with the classy blouses! This collection is probaply the one with most interesting styles!

Eventhough Mr McQueen is no longer among us, Sarah Burton is making it look like he is! This collection screams Alexander Mcqueen's creativity but is somehow a little different because of the roughness that is very much in focus in many of the styles! I simply just love it!

Panic Premiere!

My photo "Business" is a mouth to mouth thing, which means that I don't really have a website(besides this), which tells people that I do photography, so it's only facebook and my friends who knows, and somehow I still manage to get jobs :-D Well... what I had planed to write was that I got a new job that is pretty different from the others I've been on... I am going to shoot a band called Panic Premiere! It's a rock band and I can't wait to get started. I will show you the pictures as soon as the job is done or after the release? I don't know but I just wanted you guys to know...

Monday, March 7, 2011

My first post! Oh my, oh my!
Well well well... I suppose it would be logic if I've started out with some text but I just couldn't wait to show you my newest pictures.
The idea is something close to darkness, but then not exactly because the model Mia was dressed really "pretty" looking in many of the pictures, so my first idea was "the beauty of snow" or something? Many have told me that I should come up with something that includes many many colors which is going to be some challenge! I will try though:-) Soon hopefully because the weather in Denmark are really teasing us with all the coldness and minimal sunshine!

Model: Mia(friend)
Styling: MieMarie(webmaster)
Photographer: MieMarie(webmaster)
Destination ex.: MieMarie(webmaster)